Charity Reg. No. 1166550
 Charity Reg. No. 1166550

What we do

We help to advance the education of children in Africa by proving and assisting in the provision of facilities, goods, materials and services for education:


  • Refurnishing of dilapidated educational establishments.
  • Providing furniture and equipment to refurnish classrooms.
  • Providing educational support for children and young people with books and library facilities.
  • Providing facilities for safe drinking water, electricity and sanitation for pupils and teachers in education al establishments.
  • Building the capabilities of education and skilled children and young people in African communities.
  • Working with local communities to influence social, economic and institutional systems for innovation and the use of technology.
  • Providing basic resources for educational purpose, such as children and young people school clothes, shoes, books and educational materials 
  • Advocate and promote equal rights and interests of the African children to overcome issues of gender discrimination in African communities by providing training and promoting formal education to increase understanding and unity among people of different cultures.

With your support children, families and entire communities have the power to move themselves from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity through education.

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Meet  a few of the schools and children we are helping, thanks to your support.


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Fundraising Volunteer Wanted

Job Title: Fundraising Volunteer
Hours: 2-3 days a week (or equivalent hours)

Employment Status: Voluntary unpaid position. 
Commitment: Minimum 10 weeks
Reporting to: AAUK Treasurer

Do you want to gain practical fundraising experience at a national charity? Would you like to have direct contact with corporate supporters, major donors and assisting in running two gala events? Please contact us on email for Job description

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AAUK (CIO) is a registered charity in England and Wales Number: 1166550